Friday, April 10, 2009

Passover PLOrk

Just got off the phone with C who is in New York.
This is where he'd be dragging me this weekend if I weren't still down south.

I'd be subjected to So Percussion and Matmos with special guest PLOrk. Here's how their show is described on the site:

The sound art duo Matmos (M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel) makes live music and recordings, using the sounds of everything from amplified crayfish nerve tissue, to the pages of bibles turning.

Oy. Sounds tres cajun revival. Apocalypso anyone? Oddly, I think we can do without both of the commas in their sentence, and I think they meant to end with the turning pages of bibles.

Oh but they had me at PLOrk which stands for the Princeton Laptop Orchestra.

I'll be playing the spoons in this kitchen.

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Anonymous said...

there's a Utube clip with John Cage playing the spoons 50 years ago on What's My Line. interesting then and still today.