Thursday, November 05, 2009

This week, in the South Florida Blade,

I think I'm sort of saying that we should turn our theaters back into barns? Anyway, I don't write the headlines.

I have to give credit to Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell for the "donuts for dinner" thing. I don't know if they coined it, but I lifted it from their musical [Title of Show].

My editor decided to axe one line that he felt was unkind. Unfortunately, it contained a phrase of which I was rather proud. It's the last sentence of this section:

I also observe that many gay folks have begun to feel that annual Pride marches and annual gay celebrations are also “donuts for dinner”. With this in mind, I attended the recent “Wicked Manors” Halloween event in Wilton Manors. I had read about its financial woes and was curious to determine its value. I took home the conclusion that a huge crowd of revelers seemed to have a swell time, but if alcohol had been subtracted from the evening, the event would have fizzled faster than the gay excitement at a 7:30 AM Mass in a Catholic church. My overwhelming impression was of the grim and unsmiling face under the heavy make-up of the de rigueur drag-queen-as-emcee who gave the night a tangible “de rigueur mortis”, if you’ll allow me the rare satisfaction of a franco-latin portmanteau.


Vic Mansfield said...

Thanks for the article. Good words (as always). It is too easy to start something, but letting go of it, that's another story. "But we've always done it that way . . . "

Java said...

Tony! They edited the out the best part! That is certainly a sentence of which to be proud. (As opposed to my previous sentence.)

Doralong said...

I think dear you should have packed it all in said portmanteau and published elsewhere- as that was genuinely brilliant.

Rethoryke said...

Yes, that _is_ a fabulous construction, and can't wait to find more occasions to use it. You'll be cited as the source, too.