Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bergdorf Goodman window No.3

In tune with the Duquette vibe, the window dressers have used what I suspect are metallic bisazza mosaic tiles to frame these windows.They are primarily used in bathrooms and kitchens (where they are now almost as passe as avocado appliances or blue pearl granite), and therefore it's Duquettish to weave them into this kind of arrangement. Bad pic, but that's a vintage boxing-ring microphone hanging in front of the mannequin's face. Boxing ring/Boxing Day/Buy it. Am I over-reaching, or do good window dressers really think it through that far?

It's taken me a while to figure out the object-of-sale in these windows, but I think they are highlighting their beaded dresses and accessories. Here's a detail of the dress shown above. I bet it's heavy, and I wonder how many 110 lb Upper East Side "social x-rays" (thnx Tom Wolfe) could walk to their limos in it without breaking a sweat.


Anonymous said...

I thought that microphone was a pork chop, and the women a runway model. I like.

Anonymous said...

The Bisazza and all the other glass tiles flooding the market have transitioned to mainstream. We did see them used to line a neighbor's new swimming pool last summer. Very dramatic. Later in the summer they started to pop up off the floor of the pool. Not so good. As a whole wall in a house, never ever. As a backsplash in a kitchen, meh.