Monday, November 19, 2007

We raced.

More than 5,000 completed the course with registered times. Many thousands more attended this event, some cheering and some walking. Once we were engulfed by the crowd, we barely noticed the cold wet weather. At the start of the race, we took our place in the section marked for those who anticipate running nine-to-ten minute miles. Up until that moment, this had been a bit of a lark for a worthy cause. Suddenly, I was among some serious runners doing their stretches and warm-ups. These are the very focused faces of the runners lined up behind us:

Here are those ahead of us who had anticipated a faster pace for themselves (including the race winners who were doing five-to-six minute miles!):

When we got up to the starting line, the high spirited Joan "Can we walk?" Rivers was there to greet us, turning the race into great fun. She ran some of the course herself and then welcomed everyone at the finish line.

Running with camera. C who is fleet of foot could have gone much faster but kept with me, playing paparazzo.

Paul at the Finish Line:

Afterwards, we adjourned to brunch at Cassis with David and Stash and Paul who is working his way up to doing a marathon. My thanks again to all who made donations. Next year. Again.


Stash said...

I saw Paul and C sprinting towards the finish but somehow missed you.

Maybe I need better glasses. 0.o

Anonymous said...

The last photo is a keeper. You both look adorable.

Anonymous said...

A disarmingly beautiful portrait, of two men, of a relationship, of aspirations fulfilled. How lucky you are!

tornwordo said...

I like that last photo too. And Joan, how fun!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your race! The video is priceless, as is the photo of the two of you HANDSOME men!