Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The stars are out @ The TimeWarner

For a third year, I would judge this to be the best holiday decoration in Manhattan. My vid doesn't do it justice, not capturing the color saturation, the richness of the music, the dramatic height of the space or the enormity of the stars, so you'll get your holiday butts into the City and see it for yourself.

The stars are scarily huge over your head as you enter the four story glass-walled atrium of the TimeWarner Center at Columbus Circle (Central Park South) where an escalator also brings you down into the WholeFoods market in the basement. The stars change color in time with the Christmas music and occasionally they burst into a crescendo of white shimmers. When you turn to look through the soaring glass out onto the circle around the statue of Columbus with its corona of fountains and tree lights, you see those reflected stars suspended in the night sky over the passing traffic. I am usually immune to this kind of thing, but this I love and wish they would keep it up all year.


Will said...

Tony and Chris--a very Happy Thanksgiving!

dpaste said...

I'll take your word for it.

Cooper said...

How I wish I could take my little sons to see that. Completely enchanting and magical!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and C!

Anonymous said...

Moravian stars have always appealed to me, and the pride colors are a bonus. I liked the reflective shot of them floating over the avenue loose on Manhattan.