Friday, November 02, 2007

Stella Matutina

If you haven't looked up into the pre-dawn sky in the last few weeks and seen the brilliant Venus, you really should. We did this today and I am taking it as a favorable omen for the weekend to come which will be spent in Boston in orbital intersection with these other celestial luminariesand their uncharted moons.


BigAssBelle said...

in orbital intersection . . . just don't let anything else intersect ;-) i hear your weekend is quite something and that you and C are charming all comers.

i saw Venus driving through the rice fields in the wild emptiness surrounding Stuttgart, Arkansas just a few days ago.

nothing like an ink black sky to make the heavens sparkle.

Joe Jubinville said...

I saw her smiling down from a still-indigo morning sky yesterday. She had a friendly look. Though it's a little sobering to remember that the heavenly body named after the goddess of love turns out to have an atmosphere boiling with sulfuric acid.

When Rudolf Nureyev was at his peak, and I was in my late teens, a friend of mine and I were wondering what venus-like adjective we could summon to describe Margot Fonteyn that would compliment the "mercurial" that often attached to Nureyev. Venusian? No, that sounded like a creature from outer space. Venusesque? Awkward. Venerial? Well, no... After that we changed the subject.