Friday, November 30, 2007

Highline/Railyards/Josh David

Had an absolutely delightful evening with Randy and recovering-blogger Vasco at the Highline/Railyards reception. Got to meet Josh David one of the two guys who started the Highline Project.

I asked Josh for a photo. Vasco took the camera. When I told Josh that this would be for my partner who is a big fan of his, he said, “Oh well in that case we’ll have to spice it up a bit.”

When I got home and looked at the results, I was eerily borne back to that night at El Morocco with Marilyn and Truman.


dpaste said...

You = Marilyn

I'll keep my mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

She has better hair, but you have much better eyebrows.

BigAssBelle said...

the world would lose a great deal of its shine without you in it. nevertheless, should you unexpectedly shuffle off into the ether, please please will me your eyebrows.