Sunday, November 18, 2007

Style is Substance

J'adore Tony Duquette who is posthumously enjoying, I hope, yet another fawning resurrection (and he's only left the building a few years ago). The New York Times rightly counsels us to emulate the way TD followed his gloriously messy instincts. Meanwhile, the gorgeous holiday windows of Bergdorf Goodman (and there really is no Christmas beyond their ten foot high glass) are this year an homage to that same overletop decorator. I wish the pics were better. These arrangements are packed with intricate dazzle that even the click-to-magnify won't entirely disclose. in this one, we find TD's signature polyps of coral surrounding a floating elephant carrying a laconic princesse de vitrine. I don't know what they are selling but who cares?


evilganome said...

That is just over the top fabulous! Really, it give new meaning to the term "oriental splendor". I can't wait to see the other photos.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the book. It looks fascinating. I love my people!