Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Smart and Bold AntiBertonean

Here is a really fine opinion piece written by a well known priest Father Edward Beck of the Passionist order. He is a frequent TV commenter and also has his own show.

What is most fascinating is the fact that when the first anti-Rome shots were fired, the clergy waited to see if those priests would be silenced by the hierarchy. That did not happen, and now dissenters are beginning to pop up all over the place. So far, the voices are singular, but it won't be long before the clergy organizes in opposition to Rome in these matters, and that will be the beginning of the end. Very Norma Rae.

I told you this would happen.


thomas tucker said...

Note, again he differs from Lothstein who said it was normal to be attracted to adolescents, whether same sex or not.
I think there is some confusion in terminology going on with what people are saying and so it is difficult to interpret what they really meant.

Spouse Walker said...

tt: Lothstein is a psychologist and the Church issued a statement saying "we repent". Pretty direct and straightforward in my mind. Analysis v Defense is not confusing. I do not want to be rude on FTs blog but i am beginning to feel you are an "ex gay" (whatever the hell that is) with an agenda. Please clarify. I think there is some confusion.

thomas tucker said...

Huh. Not sure why you would say that, and not sure what you mean by an agenda. I have my opinions and beliefs, that's for sure, but I don't have an agenda.
I am a faithful, orthodox Catholic who disagrees with Father Tony on many issues, as he is well aware. But we are able to disagree and remain respectful and continue to converse. I like that. I have been reading him for a number of years (don't remember how I came across him at some point or via which link) and I have always appreciated his writing, his stories and his views. I actually enjoy reading the views of people that I don't always agree with- it makes me think. And I deplore the current landscape in which so many people treat those disagree with as the enemy.
In any case, again, I think it is interesting that some people keep talking about pedophilia whereas Lothstein is saying that you need to differentitate between pedophilia, which is abnormal, and ephebophili which is actually normal. It seemed to me that the priest in this article simply didn't do that. That's all.

thomas tucker said...

Oh, and also by the way, I am not sure what I think about "ex-gay." I actually think, even though I am not always consistent when I write about sexuality, that we shouldn't put people into categories. I actually dislike calling someone straight, bi, gay, or whatever. i think people are people and they fall along a spectrum in terms of sexual desire, which can be fluid over time. Having said that, I also think teleogically that we were made a certain way for a certain purpose, not just sexually but in many ways , and that we fall along a spectrum in our ability to function healthily in all aspects, as opposed to with dysfunction.
But I just tell you that to respond to your comment, not to go too far afield or to start a lengthy discussion on the topic (which I don'thave time for currently.)