Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jeffrey Lena - Is He Fauxtticus Finch?

In this perusal of the so-called mysterious connections that made American attorney Jeffrey Lena the Vatican's defender, the research presented ought to lead us to conclude that Cardinal Levada is probably the man behind this selection.

An interesting choice and probably a good move. An unsophisticated shlemmiel of a lawyer will probably engender more sympathy than a high-powered armada of french cuffs. He need only prove one thing: immunity from our jurisdictions. He has already had some success invoking the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.

If he needs them, I'd gladly lend him my set of gold cufflinks bearing the Vatican coat of arms.

It will probably be decades before he writes about all this and tells us what he really thinks of B16.

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Spouse Walker said...

Jeffrey Lena? lol