Thursday, April 29, 2010

Requesting a Favor

Hey folks,
I'm in the application process to become the travel guru for
For the moment, one step of the application is to receive at least 25 "hearts" on a travel tip I've posted there.
Would you take a minute to follow the link below to my first travel tip, register on the site (this is cumbersome: register, do profile, get email verification, go back and login. I know.) and then click on the heart next to the title of the tip?
There's a lot more to the application process, but this is the first step.


Marc said...

you have to register and log into the site before the voting heart becomes active.

Tony Adams said...

Hi Mac,
I hope that will not b e a dissuasion.
I appreciate your effort and promise to report in detail wherever they send me.

steve said...


This is the perfect gig for you!! All registered and the heart is pushed.

Mark S. King said...

Done! And the site looks kinda cool anyway, so it's not like I stuffed the ballot box for nothing...

tater said...

I was number 17

Mike said...

#24 -- just one more!

Tony Adams said...

I love you all. With all my hearts.