Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Stupid Bishop in Tenerife

This bishop is just plain stupid. Yes, there are those very rare times when an altar boy comes on to a priest. I myself had that experience but that has nothing - absolutely nothing - to do with the pedophile priest problem. And this is not the time to be discussing that, and it is stupid and shameful for him to mention that at this time and in the context of the current situation.

While we are on this altogether inappropriate subject, I always assumed that kids who came on to priests were themselves already victims of abuse and were using the dialect they had learned. That made it particularly frightening to be the object of that behavior. In other cases, I just chalked it up to the kind of non-sexual childhood crush and hero worship that many of us go through as kids. A healthy adult knows how to react to it and will show the kid how healthy adults behave.
This bishop is emblematic of the sickness that inhabits the Roman Catholic church. This is disgusting and it makes me terrifically angry but I am glad it is coming to light and everyone will see what these bishops are made of. They are digging their own grave.

Sorry to be so angry about this, but it just gets worse and worse and they are dragging down the church that some of us once loved.

PS: I've been to Tenerife. Gorgeous.


Sebastian said...

It is odd that this story bears a 2007 date, but the comments to it show a date of 4/7/10.

One of the first lessons of ministry is that you try to get your own "stuff" out of the way so that you can actually hear and respond to what someone else is saying. In this case, that seems to be a lesson the bishop missed.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Sebastian,
something tells me the story was dredged in light of recent news. Either way, his comments are stupid.

Odrako said...

when a person no longer loves something they once did, it's often wise to move on and toward the things he/she DOES love. and avoid recriminations and an obsessive focus on the faults of the formerly loved.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Odrako,

What a precious thing to say. I still love the church. The one Jesus intended. I want to reclaim it from the madmen who have distorted and mismanaged it. It's mine more than it is theirs. I am inconvenient and do not go quietly into some good night.

timbo said...

When I was in parish ministry working with youth I had a few occassions when both young men and young women hit on me. Once a 15 year old female locked herself in the bathroom stall and sent someone to get me while I was teaching confirmation. My female co-heart had called in sick. I took the entire class with me to unlock the door in the bathroom.
It is up to adults to be professional and to show by example where the bounders are between adults and children. If that line is crossed- the adult is at fault. Fairly simple I think.

Anonymous said...

Father Tony:

You're right. It is absolutely shameful for him to have even mentioned such a thing in the current context. When you are in that kind of relationship to people, and invested in such trust, you NEVER break that boundary. You just don't.

(In my five years of ordained ministry, I have been hit on my a number of parishioners, male and female--but all of them significantly older than I.)

I've been following your posts on this subject, and although I haven't commented on them until now, thank you for them.

-- Fr. Tim

Spouse Walker said...

Calgon, take me away!

Anonymous said...

All of this has made me sad, for the dedicated Catholics that are here in Dallas, my ex mother-in-law was such a dedicated church person. If she saw this today would just destroy her, I talk with her Son (former partner) about it, we both agree that she would have such issues.

Thanks Father Tony, and to all who are bringing this forth!!!!