Friday, April 23, 2010

In Bruges

A Belgian bishop, Roger Vangheluwe, has resigned, admitting abuse. The translations are all over the place as to whom he abused. A boy? A young man? None of the reports indicate the victim's age or name.

Here are three pictures of the disgraced one street walking in lace, cradling a floral tribute and surrounded by boys while performing some sort of ritual involving a mountainous monument out of which is sprouting a blanched phallus.


SubtleKnife said...

Most sources talk about "a boy" or "a young boy", but Het Nieuwsblad identifies him as a nephew. Technically speaking it might not fall under church related abuse.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Subtleknife,

A nephew.
That would explain an element of the story that had been bothering me. If the boy and the family could not be placated by an apology from the bishop they'd have gone public and taken legal action long ago. To remain quiet all these years indicates some familial ties.

TED said...

That magenta number with the lace tablecloth in the middle is doing nothing for him. Now that he's resigned, maybe Lifetime can get him for a disgraced clergy challenge on Project Runway.

SubtleKnife said...

A few more details: it supposedly started before Vangheluwe was bishop, which means at least 25 years ago.

Belgian archbishop Danneels has known about it since the early 90s, according to a priest called Rik Deville who was gathering material for a book about abuse in the church at that time - and who claims to have posed this specific case to Danneels.

We also know that church authorities have known since early April.

Mark S. King said...

Ah, just another pedophile out for a stroll. I hope these guys have bullet proof vests on under the frills. And no, that wasn't a terrorist threat. I'm sincerely concerned is all.