Monday, April 19, 2010

The Fall Guy Gets Up.

In a letter to a friend, Gerhart Gruber says he was made to take a bullet for B16.
The diocese of Munich denies it. We cannot at this time be sure who is telling the truth but I'm betting its Gruber.

Let's add this to the list of cracks in the walls of the Vatican.

If B16 felt that the list of pedophile priests was too long to be dealt with in a reasonable time, what ever will he do with the growing list of mutinous priests who are refusing to fall in line - or down - for him?


steve said...

Since Gruber was in the middle of things, What do think the odds are that more information is going to come out about B16's time as a Cardinal in Germany?

Tony Adams said...

I would bet that more info will come out, but then again, the loyalists have now had ample time to purge the files. I'll bank on their incompetence being higher than Nixon's.

steve said...

Germans are very good bureaucrats. They love to keep records. Everything that I read about B16 seems to say he was a micro manager. He is an old school guy. My gut tells me that in Germany things were very much top down. I would bet that Father Gruber kept everything filed away, tucked in some family vacation home on a lake somewhere.

In the past Tony you said many of these types of reports would end up in the rectory fireplace.

At the risk of being crude, Germans have a history of following orders, but when they look back at the "just following orders" defense, they see it that didnt work very well after the war. I am waiting for another old Priest back in Germany to stand up with written documents. When do the loyalists in Munich decide to save themselves. Do they go public, or do they talk to B16's brother? My guess is the next shoe to fall will involve B16s choirmaster brother. The Ratzinger brothers must have made enemy's over the years. Will it be a public denouncement, or a whisper in B16's ear that brings him to retirement to a life of prayer and contemplation?

Tony Adams said...

Dear Steve,
Your speculations are sound. I keep wondering what bomb shelter they are keeping B16's brother in, but it doesn't matter. Other priests who never got anything from Rome are suddenly sensing the vulnerability and they will continue to talk. I am guessing that within a month there will be anti-B16 organizing among the clergy. I wonder which monastery he will pick for his retirement. Or will he stay in the Vatican and be given a suite on a lower floor. If so, somebody is going to get the boot to make room for him. I once stayed in the apartment of a member of the papal household. It had maaaany rooms. The kitchen counters were white marble with gray veining. The guy never cooked. Given his rank, I assume there are several grander apartments. I once had Easter dinner in the apartment of the papal master of ceremony. Very comfortable.