Friday, April 16, 2010

The Paternity of Bishops to Priests

Any bets as to how long the Vatican spokesman Rev Federico Lombardi can keep dancing before he throws in the towel?


steve said...

Is he calling for schism?

Tony Adams said...

Dear Steve,
None of the core group of B16 sycophants would call for a schism, but they sure as hell are going to cause one.

steve said...


I read the Kung letter. It seems to be directly calling for rebellion against B16. Your opening commentary did indicate that this is an old manKung) speaking his mind. They pulled Kung from his teaching position a couple years ago.

Kung, either believes so strongly in the open letter, or thinks that B16, and The Curia are simply unable to discipline him.

In either case its bad news for Rome. Did you ever cross paths with Levada?

Tony Adams said...

I think Kung is following his conscience and keeping his integrity. His words are some powerful truth and he knows that mnay bishops agree with him in their hearts. They are just afraid of coming out as he has.
I'm sure I crossed paths with Levada in Rome but I don't remember any specific instance. I developed some awe at his totally behind the scenes power. Big time king maker.