Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bertone picks the wrong fight.

Cardinal Bertone can't seriously expect to get away with saying that the pedophile priest crisis is a gay problem rather than a celibacy problem, but that is what he has said.

He will rue this day.

As you'd imagine, I am so far beyond addressing this latest bit of mystifying insanity that any dissection would dignify it. Also, I really must prepare and file my taxes.

Rest assured, if you see the quiet waters recede around this cardinal's ankles, it is only the sucking out of what will soon return as a tsunami. Girlfriends, hold my gold.

1 comment:

Spouse Walker said...

I had no idea homosexuals impregnated all those girls and women. I better be careful of my heterosexual neighbors now. We also better be sure to get the word out that heterosexual priests fuck and abuse females regularly too.