Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Consider the good" said Ratzinger

The fallout from these terrible disclosures and revelations of the mindset of the hierarchy is simple and unavoidable.

Your priest, bishop, cardinal or pope is no longer considered holy. He is not even on par with a shaman or witch doctor who both might make outrageous claims but have as their goal the healing of others. Priests are now considered ordained boogeymen who might present serious danger to your children. This is certainly unfair to the many good priests who continue to provide service within the framework of shame but they could be speaking up. They could be calling for new leadership and change. They could be calling for the ordination of women and married men and an end to mandatory celibacy. Instead, they remain silent and so must share in the guilt.

The Roman Catholic Church has been preoccupied with maintaining its "image" through secrecy and disregard for its victims (sorry to be so blunt). Going forward, families will not entrust their children to these men. We are raising a generation of Catholic children who will sense our distrust and our shielding of them from the unhealthy interference of clergy.

Do you think those kids will grow up with an allegiance to Catholicism in their hearts and with a willingness to financially support the infrastructure and programming of Rome? No. And that is why we needn't worry about the outcome of our "Catholics4Equality" efforts. The next two generations will resolve this on their own. Recent surveys and polling of the youngest Catholics make this quite clear.


In the Kitchen With Don said...

AMEN!!! Preach if Father Tony! Of course you are preaching the choir here. I don't think Rome will give up without a fight. Just see how they are circling the wagons now. Do you think there is any chance a major schism could come out of this?

Tony Adams said...

There is every chance of schism, the only question remaining is will it kill Rome. That would be unfortunate. Id' rather see Rome healed rather than destroyed.

edfu said...

Yes...but to "heal" a cancer, it is necessary to destroy the tumor.

Anonymous said...

Seems like percolating disgust has short-term consequences, too:

Spouse Walker said...

Last chance for voodoo. GONG!!!