Saturday, September 13, 2008

Easy is the descent into silly.

BJ is on the couch here in Ptown and he reads aloud the following:

She died the year after her arrest in a badly lit jail cell.

My prognosis:

"Yeech. There is no amount of punctuation that can save that sentence."

We make the grand promenade down Commercial. Nothing much has changed. Stopped to chat with many old friends. More tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is my traveling companion priming his pump and chatting up a potential vacation fling:


dantallion said...

Huh. Think that "statue" was intentionally ironic?

SubtleKnife said...

I'm not afraid to cut up sentences - and paragraphs - completely when the writer leaves me no way to save it by punctuation alone, but this puzzle is quite simple:

The year after her arrest, she died in a badly lit jail cell.

Tony Adams said...

Dear SubtleK,
Sure, but that is surgery, albeit simple. It's the kind of cancer that is avoidable. That is why I resent it, and why I turn my back on it rather than treat it sometimes. I am not a doctor without borders.