Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I sometimes wonder

I do sometimes wonder, while I'm plunked down on the sand working on one of these, if maybe I see everything prettier than it really is. Was Pollyanna invincibly certain by nature that the world is wonderful, or is hers just another form of rage against all things broken, imperfect and dismal? Anyway, this is what I saw today.


ManDancer said...

Too funny. I took my annual trk east this past week and spent a good portion in our special town at the end of the world.

I think I saw you while I sat a Bubala's but do not know you personnally so did not venture a "Hi". I also had my doubts that it was you as the context was a bit askew.

I hope you enjoyed that wonderful town and all it had to offer. This includes the rainy days, the wind, the moonrise and the colorful people all winding down from their year.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Mandancer,
You should have said hello. We were at Bubala's on Saturday. We got lazy yesterday (Monday) and decided to go out rather than grill something. Commons was closed. Ross's Grill was closed. We ended up back at Bubala's. What do you mean "the context was a bit out of skew"?
September is the best month for Ptown. The weather and the locals are restored to running order.

ManDancer said...

"Askew" as in * we have never met or been introduced * I only know your visage from your own posted photos and had doubts as to your identity * I had just sat down w four friends that I had not seen in a year and would have felt a tad awkward telling them why I just dashed off to jabber at a total stranger * I now wish I had said "Hi Padre".

Was Monday the most revelatory day of beauty or what?

Tony Adams said...

Dear Mandancer,
Yup, Monday was one of those days that from the moment you step out into it you know will be one of the most beautiful you will ever know in your entire life. If you were at Bubala's on Monday, then I think I know which table you were at. You were the handsome fellow looking over at us and smiling and nodding. We were trying to figure out whether you knew me or BJ (of the blog BJland), if you were from New York, if we knew you, etc.

elteegee said...

I wonder the exact same thing sometimes about myself. But so what if we do? It's a gift really and I'd rather see and appreciate the beauty, given a choice. Of course, also have an amazing ability to capture it with your paintings. This one is just gorgeous.