Monday, September 01, 2008


These paintings by Provincetown artists were on their way to a friend of mine who owns an auction business in Ptown, but they never made it. Other friends who were holding them for pick-up decided they wanted to keep them. I'm glad to know where they'll be should I ever want to see them again.

Clockwise from top left: an early watercolor by Harvey Dodd, an oil on canvas by Chuck Anzalone, an oil on canvas by Robert Hughes showing Flyer's boathouse (or the old "dick dock" depending on your point of view) and an oil painting on board of Mayo Bay by Blossom Newman.

Also included in the sale was a gorgeous painting by Greta Waldrop, a Cape Cod artist and art teacher.

A strange feeling. The selling of a painting. The transaction is a sequestered and anesthetized reality. Like painless dentistry.


ManDancer said...

Nice collection. I am glad they are staying "in the family."

Harvey's son John is quite an accomplished artist himself.

Anonymous said...

Harvey Dodd does not have a son. I think you are referring to John Dowd.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Anonymous,
I also wondered if ManDancer was referring to John Dowd so I googled "John Dodd" and find that there is an "artistic" furniture designer by that name but I don't think this is a child of Harvey Dodd.