Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not everything in this town is beautiful

This what you get when you apply Brutalist architecture to Cape Cod Style. Take note of the Brutalist mailbox station in the foreground, the irritating juniper rugs that never quite cover the dump-it-and-fuhgetaboutit mulch, the pre-cast retaining suburban mall-wall, and the positioning of the car parking apron front and center.

This complex is aptly named "Gale Force".


Anonymous said...

on top of that - I think I had an awful lay there.

dpaste said...

Your sensibilities are much more tender than mine.

Anonymous said...

Eye of the beholder, dear.

Anonymous said...

Calling Earth Liberation Front!

Did you see the equally shameful new construction by the moors? "Herring Cove Village."


Tony Adams said...

Dear Freddy,
I could see those silly confections from the windows of the house in which I was staying. I've seen worse, but the way they are all crammed together is deplorable. The cupolas are cute, but too small for even one person to stand up in and get the view over your neighbor's roof. I also wonder if the change in the economy will make them a set of affordable sows' ears.