Thursday, September 11, 2008

Voting for skin

Tonight I watched the "Presidential Candidate Forum on National Service". One of the commercial sponsors was an anti-wrinkle product with Retinol. Both of the candidates wore heavy make-up. I am so disappointed that neither of them would wave away the make-up artist saying "Let them see the real me."

I want a scrubbed and unscripted and unvetted candidate. I would like a candidate in a tee shirt and jeans who is so focused on our national problems that he doesn't have time to knot a tie or apply deodorant or get a haircut. I just want him to be clean. In every way. And strong. And efficient. And to think of things that I have not thought of.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

But such a candidate would be shot on sight by his army of handlers. They are not happy until you have reached a marionette stage where everything you do, say, or eat has been focus-grouped ad nauseam or polled from any possible angle. The next candidate will be one of those Honda robots. The dog would be cute.

dpaste said...

Well, Sarah Palin is certainly unvetted. And there are lots of shots of her in t-shirts and jeans. And she sure needs a haircut. Sounds like a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

Wow. T, to your standards, I don't think we can even look to our priests ... though clean is a mighty goal.

Anonymous said...

The last time this was allowed was the famous JFK/Nixon debate...And we know how far that got Nixon.