Friday, September 26, 2008

Nelly's Garden

Just what I don't need. Another fun read. Got here via a google search that washed up on my site meter.
Nelly is a 55 yr old menopausal woman in Ireland and interested in gardening.
She's got a potty mouth and her blog is exactly as old as mine.
And what a fine mind.
And, she's got an ear for everyday dialogue just like someone else we all know.
She makes me determined to use the word wee more often.
And, finally, the "favorite movies" listed in her profile are Repo Man, Shrek, Midnight Cowboy, Pulp Fiction, American History X ,Mama Mia!

Whoa, Nelly.


Birdie said...

I'm so glad Nelly posted her story on the "bloody internet!" Howlingly funny post! I sense a kindred spirit here. Thanks for the link.

evilganome said...

Oh dear! Another must read on my blog roll. I have to say, I love foul mouthed dames who are smart.

ManDancer said...

She's a dear, isn't she?

Nelly said...

Just as I was thinking of giving up blogging... you wee sweeties. I'm here for the long haul.

Doralong said...

I must agree with my dear friend the evilganome- Thanks for pointing us toward this lovely, funny enjoyable read.