Monday, September 22, 2008

Taking it to an extreme

Talk about a bridge to nowhere. NSFW.

I am not sure I quite understand how this surgery is done. Is it turned inside out in the way that you turn a sleeve inside out? Or, is it sliced lengthwise with halves then flipped over so the external sides are facing each other. How is the urinary function either maintained or rerouted? Does the glans end up at the sunshine or the shadow end of the new business? Also, when an inversion placed inside gets erect, isn't there the risk that it will stab some nearby vital organ? Does anyone know a medical site with diagrams that can help me visual this? (Don't worry, baby, I'm not considering it. I'm just curious about how it is accomplished.)

I wonder how many men would be aroused by such a creature. I wonder how many actually pay him for sex. If he still has a reversed 8.5" dick, as he claims, does it shoot blanks, and if so, in what direction?

I wonder about medical ethics when I read about people like him. If I went to a doctor and said that I had always felt like more of an amphibian than a human, could he conceivably web my fingers and toes and still keep his license? What if I told a surgeon that I had always felt like an eggplant trapped inside a man's body, and would he please remove my appendages and smooth my surfaces and fill in my crevices and color my skin purple....

Thinking about these things can really help us get to the heart of what essentials define an individual and what are merely accidentals. Personally, I might be among those who would be able to have sex with this guy depending on how he used the entire composition of his identity. His total "personhood" would either make or break the desirability of his topography.


TED said...

I think this site can answer most of your questions:

I'm not really sure that I understand the point of gender reassignment surgery in a situation where you're going to maintain your gender, but I don't see it as much of a problem from an ethical standpoint.

I would be much less inclined to have sex with a man with a mangina, even if all he were doing was going down on me or receiving anal. I'm already somewhat skeeved out when a guy refers to his anus as his pussy. A guy with an actual pussy would be that much worse. But I'm sure I couldn't afford his rates, anyway, so it's all moot.

circleinasquare said...

And what could it have cost?!?

dpaste said...

I imagine there are no blanks to shoot because the testes have clearly been removed. And my understanding of sex reassignment surgery is that they do just that, basically invert the penis so the nerves remain intact. They just remove the corpus spongiosum, which would also avoids any chance of an erection puncturing his (her?) gall bladder.

Paris said...

This isn't sex reassignment surgery, it's plastic surgery. While it is pretty clear his goal was not female genitalia, the surgery was probably carried out by doctors who do SRS and worked along the same lines. Plus, it is also the internet and this particular individual may not actually exist.

I first heard about men like this a few years back. They are very rare and only appearing in a fetishized presentation. My best guess is that it is variation of sexualizing body modification, to which I say yikes! But at the end of the day, it is whatever gets you through the day. Says the tranny.

Incidentally, "His total "personhood" would either make or break the desirability of his topography" is the only reason why I ever get laid.

Tony Adams said...

Dear TNWH,
Thanks. That was exactly what I was looking for.
Dear David,
Although he has been castrated, I was wondering about the OTHER fluids that are released at orgasm and are produced nearby.
Dear Paris,
Thanks for your comment. I am glad you weren't offended by my words, and your distinctions make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with Paris, "Plus, it is also the internet and this particular individual may not actually exist." This looks like photoshop work to me. There is a fuzziness to the details that don't seem to match the entire image. I wonder if he has a jilted ex getting back at him?

Paris said...

Now now, a rent boy advert like that invites exactly the sort of speculation in which you engaged.

Just never ever use the word mangina. That would absolutely upset me. I am patient with the idea that non-standard genitalia invites neologism, but for crying out loud it's the gay men talking about their ass that put it into common usage!

Now I have to go take a Xanex or something...

Anonymous said...

I saw that guy on a special on TLC about people who reverse their sex changes. I believe he spent 20 years as a woman but then decided to live as a man with a vagina.

Go figure.

Patrick said...

Anonymous is correct, this person made the complete switch from male to female, lived as a woman for several years, then began to feel he needed to transition back. His webpage seems like an interesting example of 'it's all in how you advertize.'