Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tomorrow on Bilerico: "Can you love a gay priest?"

You will have to jump over to Bilerico tomorrow after 2PM to see my response to this letter:


Message: Dear Father Tony,

I recently read something about a closeted gay pastor. After decades of service, he is being told to leave after coming out to his superiors. He is having to give up his job because his church decided he wasn’t fit to serve solely on the basis of his orientation. His choice was to be true to himself or fulfill his calling. We can only guess the pain and questioning he is experiencing.

What are your thoughts on gay clergy? What hope does this man or any LGBT person have in today’s religious climate?

Faithful Reader

Update: Here's my response.

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Anonymous said...

O, Tony. May the 'the long way around it' be the path of choice.