Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday on Bilerico: $10 sex you will never forget

You will have to go to Bilerico at 2PM tomorrow to find my response to the following letter:

I read about you first on and now more regularly on Bilerico. I visited your farmboyz blog today and read "The Pepsi Challenge".
I am surely dense on this but can you tell me what is that "a favorite turnstile venue" ? A name and/or address too :)

tank u
bão - to keep, to hold, to embrace
phác - natural, innocent, simple

Here's the answer


Alan said...

from your answer ... "seen cis and trans people"

Heh. Only a chemist would get that joke...unless there's another meaning?

bj said...

could there be anything more "Tony" in your answer than "I have not answered your question but I have answered the one you should have asked." ???

Tony Adams said...

Dear BJ,

Anonymous said...


Given your past and present sexual adventures, do you believe there is a substantive difference between addiction to sex and the pursuit of frequent anonymous sex?

Tony Adams said...

Dear Debriefer,
Yes I do. In one, you are simply a hedonist taking advantage of what nature and circumstance provide, and in the other, you are a slave. Of greater interest to me is the fact that I have gradually lost interest in that type of sex. "Been there - done that" seems to describe it. I think sexual compulsives never reach that point. In my own case, I think I was seeking to resolve issues involving my own strict and anti-sexual upbringing, into the coffin of which I have hammered enough nails.